Low-Pressure-Air Leak Tester

Model:FL-295 Series

Overview:Work volume can be loaded automatically.

Specification:Pressure range:0.5kPa~50kPa

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Compact Air Leak Tester

Model:FL-800 Series

Overview:Test process displays bu curve,display the measuring process through curves.

Specification:Pressure range: -99.9kPa~20MPa

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Package Leak Test Device

Model:MSP-800 Series

Overview:Integrity testing of pharmaceutical package encapsulation

Specification:Pressure range: -0.1MPa~1MPa

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Pressure Transmitter

Model:KIM Series

Overview:Using Sputtered film strain,excelent performance,order in mass

Specification:Pressure range:-0.1~50MPa Accuracy:±0.1%F.S.~±1%F.S.

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Pressure Transmitter

Model:KGC Series

Overview:Use Sputtered film strain

Specification:Pressure range:-0.1~400MPa Accuracy:±0.5%F.S.

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Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensors

Model:VNS Series

Overview:Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensors

Specification:Pressure range:0~1MPa Measurement range::0.05~60L/min

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