Fast stable Air Leak Tester

Model:FL-2000/3700 Series

Overview:With quick charge function,carrying out the detection of large-volume work piece.

Specification:Pressure range: -99.9kPa~3.5MPa

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Suction Nitrogen-Hydrogen Air Leak Tester

Model:HD-830 Series

Overview:Use hydrogen or nitrogen-hydrogen mixed gas , detect 0.5g/yaer, confirm leak points

Specification:MinimumDetectable Leak Rate: 1×10­⁻⁷Pam³/s

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Multi-channel Nitrogen-Hydrogen Air Leak Tester

Model: HD-850 Series

Overview: Nitrogen-Hydrogen mixed test slight leakage,multi-channels,locate several leak points or products.

Specification:MinimumDetectable Leak Rate: 1×10⁻⁷Pam³/s

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Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector

Model:HD-820 Series

Overview:Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector

Specification:MinimumDetectable Leak Rate: 1×10-⁷Pa.m³/s

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Leak Standards

Model:FFM-1000/2000 Series

Overview:Leak Standard(air source is optional)

Specification:Leak Rate Range: 1×10⁻⁹~9×10⁻⁴Pa•m³/s Pressure range:-0.1MPa~2MPa

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Pressure Gauge with electric contact

Model: DG82 Series

Overview:Testing air-conditioning filter block condition.

Specification:Differential pressure:0~5kPa Accuracy:±3%F.S.

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Rectangle Differential Pressure Gauge

Model:DG87 Series

Overview:Controlling corridors' wind capacity in spandex industry

Specification:Differential pressure:0~100kPa Accuracy:±5%F.S.

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Pressure Transmitter

Model:KIC Series

Overview:Using Sputtered film strain,full welding structure, The product use temperature compensation technology,in widely use.

Specification:Pressure range:-0.1~100MPa Accuracy:±0.25%F.S.~±1%F.S.

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Pressure Transmitter

Model:KIM Series

Overview:Using Sputtered film strain,excelent performance,order in mass

Specification:Pressure range:-0.1~50MPa Accuracy:±0.1%F.S.~±1%F.S.

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Pressure Transmitter

Model:KH14 Series

Overview:General industry application

Specification:Pressure range:0~3.5MPa Accuracy:±1%F.S.

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